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Learning How To Deal With Low Motivation
December 8, 2017

Everyone struggles with it. It’s how you handle it that will set you above the rest!

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3 Steps To Stop Overthinking
September 25, 2017

Is overthinking an issue for your players? Here are 3 great ideas to help.

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Unlock The Key To Consistency
September 18, 2017

Consistency can be frustrating. But by unlocking the key to consistency, you can alleviate this frustration.

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3 Common Confidence Killers That Plague Every Athlete
August 30, 2017

How you respond to various situations will help you grow as an athlete, or prevent you from improving.

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What Are The Risks And Rewards Of Leadership?
July 18, 2017

As the captain of your team, your position comes with great rewards. Unfortunately, it also comes with many risks.

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Is Mental Skills Training A Good Idea For My Child?
July 13, 2017

You’re not overreacting. Seeking mental skills help for your child, especially those ages 10 to 13, is completely normal. I frequently…

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Team Mental Training
July 6, 2016

Team Mental Training is affordable!

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Industry Leaders Mental Training Inc and iSoccerPath Partner to Benefit US Soccer Players
June 8, 2016

Read about our iSoccerPath partnership!

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Read Our Latest Newsletter
June 7, 2016

Check out our most recent newsletter and subscribe! Mental Training Inc., Erika Carlson frequently sends out important information and helpful tidbits that…

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Vocal Cord Dysfunction- Recover and Return to Sport Fast!
February 2, 2016

In 2012, my first athlete diagnosed with Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) walked in my office door.  It was steep and fascinating learning…

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